About Me & Contact

I was elected as a councillor for the Sutton North ward in 2010 as a Liberal Democrat.

I serve on the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee, Development Control (planning), the Sutton Local Committee and the Equality and Diversity Forum. I used to sit on the Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee.

I am an advisory board member of Liberal Left, which campaigns within the Lib Dems to exit the coalition and return to our radical roots. I am also a member of the Race Equality Taskforce, which was set up by Nick Clegg to fill a policy vacuum in this area.

I am a campaigner, writer and local politician, with extensive experience of media relations / communications. I have been Editor of New Nation, the African and Caribbean weekly newspaper, and was also News Editor at The Voice. I have also written for the London Evening Standard, and freelanced at BBC London.


Email: lester.holloway@sutton.gov.uk

Twitter: @brolezholloway