Let me know what you think about the proposed housing development on the old Burger King site

housing-burgerkingThere is still time for local residents to comment on plans to build new housing on the former Burger King site on Sutton High Street.

Last November I reported on this blog that the planning application to build a four and five storey Travelodge hotel had fallen through because the developers could not raise the finances to go ahead with the construction.

There was a very real worry, which I expressed at the time, that the site would remain vacant and a blight on the High Street area.

However the developers Belgrave are now coming forward with new plans for a 40 residential apartments up to six storeys high.

You can view their initial public consultation document here for the site officially known as 324-340 Sutton High Street.

Street view of the proposed housing development

Street view of the proposed housing development

As a member of the Development Control Committee (DCC) I don’t have an opinion about it at present, however as a ward councillor I am keen to hear your views. Please email me on: lester.holloway@sutton.gov.uk

The developers held a consultation event at the Holy Family Catholic Church on Saturday January 26th, which unfortunately I was not able to attend due to short notice.

At the time of writing there has not been a planning application submitted but I assume it will be presented before DCC councillors at some point probably this year.

For comparison of scale you can view the previous approved application for the Travelodge hotel here.

The new housing application varies in height between two and three storeys on the south end, rising to six storeys as it faces towards the Prince Regent pub and the Job Centre.

The developers plan to build 40 residential units and two ground-floor retail spaces. This would comprised of 13 one bed apartments, 24 two bedroom apartments and 3 three bedroom apartments.

When it comes to height and bulk it is worth noting that there has been an extensive consultation for an even bigger development immediately on the other side of the road for a Sainsburys supermarket, hotel and retail on the site that is currently the gasworks, vacant Zurich building and Magnet showroom.

Of course we still await the planning application for this major development. However if it was built it would be bigger, in all dimensions, than the proposed housing units on the old Burger King site.

Some of the key issues for me are:

  • Is a housing development appropriate for a High Street that is mostly retail?
  • Does the height impact on local residents?
  • Does the design and qualify complement and enhance the local environment?
  • What are the environmental and aesthetic implications of the site continuing to remain vacant?
  • And last but definitely not least, what do residents and local businesses feel about the proposal?

I welcome your comments. Please send them to the email above.