Vermont Road parking (update)

I am meeting residents of the Dorothy Pettingell House sheltered housing complex next Wednesday along with the local MP Paul Burstow to talk about the parking situation in the road.

As I reported last month (see link) I helped push the Council’s Environment and Neighbourhood Committee to make an exception to their rule about protecting grass verges so that we could create desperately needed parking spaces on the road.

The exceptional circumstances are that fire engines and refuge trucks are sometimes unable to gain access to the road because cars are blocking their way due to extreme parking pressure. Residents of the sheltered housing block are clearly worried about a fire engine or ambulance not being able to reach them.

We will be organising a general consultation for all residents of Vermont Road very shortly (some details have changed since we last spoke to them!), and if residents are happy the scheme should get final approval at the next Sutton Local Committee on 15th January.

By Lester Holloway