Vale Road won’t be an access road for Sainsbury’s!

Great news for Vale Road! Developers have ditched plans to use Vale Road as an access road for the planned new Sainsburys. This is an issue I have raised with LXB, the company which owns the land, and I am glad they have listened.

In fact LXB have had a number of representations about the access road issue. However at Tuesday’s Sutton Local Committee Chris Evans from LXB announced that they were no longer considering Vale Road as one of the options to access the site.

I’m sure this will be a huge relief to local residents, as it is to me!

I previously blogged about the proposed development in May (see this link) to highlight the public consultation.

They haven’t put in a planning application yet but one is expected. It will propose the demolition of the old gasworks site, the empty Zurich building and Magnet showroom.

In it’s place they will propose a new Sainsbury’s store (approximately 66,000 square feet; a bit bigger than Asda’s), a hotel, retail (eg. coffee shops), and housing including social housing.

LXB plan to hold a new exhibition on the 7th floor of the Zurich building (so residents can get a panoramic view of the site as it is now), along with artists impressions of the development as it is currently envisaged.

The exhibition will take place on 30th November and 1st December. More details to follow…

By Lester Holloway