Sutton Common Road pedestrian crossing to be built on Monday

At last! The new pedestrian crossing on Sutton Common Road is to be built on Monday!

This has been an on-going issue for a while so it will be a mighty relief to see the works actually take place.

In March we erected new flashing LED signs warning drivers travelling at over the 30mph speed limit (pictured) however this proved to be only a limited success.

The orginal plan to build a pedestrian crossing fell because residents immediately affected lodged objections. However local councillors were firmly of the view that there was a very real and serious issue with speeding and continued to pursue solutions. It’s an issue I have been particularly involved with.

As a result the site of the crossing was moved slightly overcoming objections. Surveys of the whole road showed an overwhelming number (78%) of residents wanted a pedestrian crossing near the middle of the road. And now it will be built!

By Lester Holloway