Hotel plan for old Burger King site falls through

I was saddened to hear that plans to build a Travelodge hotel on the old Burger King drive-through have apparently been dropped. Not because I have any great desire to see a Travelodge, but because the site is likely to remain derelict for a longer period.

Burger King closed many months ago and it became a magnet for flytipping until I lobbied the developers to erect a large fence, which thankfully they did!

We need to do all we can to find a good use for the site, either as a residential development or a use that creates local jobs and with a building that enhances the north end of the High Street.

With plans on course for a major Sainsbury’s store, hotel and retail across the road, the old Burger King plot takes on added importance as a development opportunity.

I would certainly be interested in listening to ideas for including the Burger King site in conjunction with the Sainsbury’s development.

Will keep you posted!

By Lester Holloway