Collingwood Road – residents object to crossing plan

Local councillors have now received the results of the official consultation into the proposal to install a new pedestrian crossing on Collingwood Road near the junction of Chaucer Road, particularly for the benefit of elderly residents crossing from their sheltered housing to Milton House.

Collingwood Road is busy at the best of times and is used as a route for ‘off-duty’ buses heading to the garage as well as a normal bus route. So I haveĀ a lot of sympathy with the elderly residents.

Sadly the results of consultation of the properties that would be immediately affected by a pedestrian crossing was almost unanimously against the idea.

However there is still an issue about crossing the road, and so I plan to get together with my ward colleagues to see if there are any other solutions to this problem.

As always, will keep you informed!

By Lester Holloway