Bushey Road – do we need a crossing next to bus garage?

I have raised the idea of a new pedestrian crossing on Bushey Road by the Bus Garage (pictured) after a local resident suggested this to me.

Council traffic officers have been looking into it – indeed I had a site visit with them recently – and sadly they advise that it is not practical to install a crossing here due to the shape of the junction. They also advise that pedestrian islands are not recommended because of space needed for turning buses.

I have mixed views about this. While I hear what officers are saying, the junction itself is very wide indeed and it is not uncommon for cars and vans to hare around the two bends at speed, causing a danger to pedestrians (although there have not been any accidents I am aware of).

If anyone feels strongly that we need a crossing here please get in contact (email me: lester.holloway@sutton.gov.uk) and I will give it another go!

If I don’t get any feedback my instincts are to drop this. So, over to you…!

By Lester Holloway