Bus cabin has got to go!

The disused bus drivers cabin on Sutton Green got a new lick of paint making it look like a small red bus, but nothing can save it from a long overdue demolition.

The paint-job is certainly a massive improvement from the old dirty-green and often fly-posted shack which manages to make even the run-down toilet block look good!

I’m pleased to say that talks with Transport for London  to remove the eye-saw have been going well and I’m confident that it will be no more by the end of next month.

Ironically the delay in its’ removal has a good side-effect… we can use the electricity supply (once used to boil kettles and power a bulb to read newspapers) for the Sutton Community Fayre, to be held on 15th July.

The obsolete cabin will be dismantled in time for the Olympic torch parade on 23rd July, we are assured. I’m not expecting any tears when it goes!