Searching for speeding solutions

I joined my colleague Marlene Heron, transport officer Mohamad Kashaf (centre), and a local resident in Sutton Common Road this week to search for new solutions to deal with speeding traffic.

In March, the Council installed new LED ‘slow down’ signs that flash at drivers exceeding the 30mph speed limit. This followed a comprehensive house-to-house survey which local councillors conducted. The overwhelming majority of residents said there was a serious problem with speeding on Sutton Common Road.

We visited the road again to search for new locations for a pedestrian crossing, which was the most favoured option locally. Many older people, in particular, find it hard to cross the long straight road where a speed survey in 2010 found that average speeds remained above 30mph throughout the day.

Last year we proposed a pedestrian crossing near the middle of the road (close to the junction of St John’s Road), but despite widespread support from residents across the whole road, there were strong objections from neighbours immediately affected by it.

We have now identified two alternative locations and will be consulting residents about them shortly.