Changing committees

Sutton Council is bringing in a new council governance structure, ditching the old Executive / Scrutiny split and introducing new ‘service committees’ where all councillors make the decisions. I’ve been appointed to the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee.

I’m particularly interested in helping the council make further progress towards ‘One World Living’ sustainability by increasing recycling. The Committee also covers libraries, transport and empowering grassroots local democracy (among much else!)

For the past two years I was on the Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee, but opted to come off health as NHS restructuring changes mean the power has transferred to the new Health Board which has fewer councillors (the new council leader Ruth Dombey will sit on this board.)

I will be continuing to serve on Development Control (planning applications), and on the Sutton Area Committee. I’m still waiting to hear about the Equality and Diversity Forum…!