Concessions made over Rosewood Grove planning application

Residents of Rosewood Grove voiced concerns over the St Helier hospital nursery planning application at last nights’ Development Control Committee – and councillors responded by demanding concessions to mitigate fears.


I was one of the Committee members that heard the application and spoke about my particular concerns about the lack of comprehensive tree screening and worries that construction will worsen the state of the public road.

Rosewood Grove resident Julie Smart and my ward colleague Ruth Dombey also voiced their concerns about the planning application to build a new nursery for staff at the hospital. Opposition councillor Tony Shields was also particularly vocal.

I was pleased that as a result of the discussion a number of concessions were made before the application was approved.

  • Conditions will be tightened to give more assurance that the access gate will only be used during construction, and thereafter it will remain closed and padlocked and will only be opened in emergencies for fire engines or ambulances;
  • The planning authority will “look at” two metres fences with better acoustic qualities to muffle sound from the nursery;
  • There will be a new assessment of planting / landscaping with a view to creating better sound barriers between Rosewood Grove and the nursery, including along the perimeter;
  • The application (St Helier hospital) will carry out an assessment of the condition of the road, and should it worsen during construction the borough solicitor Allison Letts said the council will seriously consider reclaiming the costs of repairing the road.

It was somewhat inevitable that the application would be approved, not least because the nursery is part of wider multi-million pound hospital rebuild that had previously been approved by Development Control. Residents I spoke to agree that a nursery is preferable to housing on the site, which previously had two properties and a few years ago won planning permission for a bigger housing development that was never built.

I think members of Development Control went as far as possible to win concessions after being swayed by the strength of argument and feeling from local residents of Rosewood Grove. Let’s hope the construction goes smoothly. Ward councillors will be monitoring the development closely.