Sutton leader steps down after 10 successful years

Sutton council leader Sean Brennan is standing down from the top job after 10 successful years running the authority. I had known this for a while, but the Sutton Guardian has officially reported the news today. Brennan is a greatly respected leader who I am sure will continue to play a high profile in the borough in this important year of the Queen’s Jubilee and Olympics.

Brennan is likely to be replaced by my ward colleague Ruth Dombey, who is currently deputy leader. Diplomatic, consensual and canny, Brennan the former teacher can look back with pride on a decade of achievements in Sutton, which is independently acknowledged to be an efficient council delivering value for money.

Annual residents surveys underline the general satisfaction with the council, and Brennan was able to spearhead a number of Liberal policies too, with the borough continuing to maintain a reputation for putting residents first.  I am confident that Dombey will make a fine leader and take the borough forward.