CCTV cameras and benches in Rosehill Park West

Two new CCTV cameras have been installed in Rosehill Park West to crack down on anti-social behaviour and drinking.

The local Safer Neighbourhood Team are hopeful that this will help ensure the park and adjacent Greenshaw Woods is safe and peaceful for residents. The Council’s local committee recently approved cash for new benches in the park, which have also now been installed.

Close-up of a cameraYour local councillors had been pushing for the cameras and benches. The new mobile CCTV cameras follows the erection of new ‘no alcohol’ signs in the park (See ‘Booze ban for Rosehill Park West’, 22nd March).

It is hoped the cameras will also help catch the notorious flasher (See ‘Net closes in on Greenshaw Woods flasher’, 28th March).

The local Safer Neighbourhood Team police officers intend to continue patrolling the park and woods to catch the flasher and ensure that the no alcohol zone is being enforced.

However, there will need to be some common sense when it comes to booze. Adults drinking sensibly on the grass, for example enjoying a picnic, should not be chased out providing they take their rubbish with them.

But under-age drinking by groups of young people hanging around the benches and footpaths – which residents reported feeling intimidated by – should now be a thing of the past.

New benchesI was particularly pleased to see three new benches installed alongside the path to add to the one existing bench.

I am sure this will prove popular with residents during the sunny summer months and help reinforce the park’s reputation as a safe and enjoyable place to spend time.

It was nice to hear the Green Woodpeckers’ unmistakable laughing call coming from the woods this week, and I certainly enjoying walking through the park and woods.