Net closes in on Greenshaw Woods flasher

Local police are confident the net is closing in on a flasher who has been operating in Greenshaw Woods near the secondary school.

A Safer Neighbourhood Panel meeting last night heard that the local police team have been upping the ante to catch the culprit by sending plane clothed officers to the wood, which is on the eastern side of Rosehill Park West behind St Helier hospital, but have so far not been able to apprehend the man.

However the safer neighbourhood police team have received reports that the man has been spotted walking about in the borough and hope to put an end to his offensive activity as soon as possible.

CCTV in Rosehill Park West

I reported last week that ‘no drinking’ signs had gone up on Rosehill Park West. PC Mark Sullivan also reported last night that two live video cameras have now been installed in the park to catch drinkers and any other offences.

In addition, the safer neighbourhood police team have been patrolling the park and woods moving on any drinkers. All this will be good news for local residents who have expressed concerns that the area was becoming a haven for young drinkers, some of whom make adults feel intimidated.

New benches in Rosehill Park West

I am pleased to report that the Council has installed four new benches in Rosehill Park West, which will allow more residents and visitors to enjoy the park and lovely views from the hill.